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PFPI38A A Harmonious Split

Vincent and Marie-Pier, both in their thirties, have been de facto spouses for a decade and have two young children. After the birth of their second child, their relationship started to flounder. They tried marriage counselling, to no avail. Ultimately, they decided to end their relationship. They want to create a harmonious environment for the children, and despite the stress their separation will generate, they have agreed to ensure as much peace and harmony as possible in the process. They have a number of questions about custody and support obligations for the children. Even though they signed a cohabitation agreement at the beginning of their relationship, it was incomplete and did not foresee everything. How can they ensure an equitable division of the assets acquired over the last ten years?

2 hours of preparatory work and 6 hours in class.

  • Durée : 8.00 heure(s)
  • UFC : 8.0 PFPI
  • Conférencier(s) : Caroline Marion Caroline Marion
  • Langue du cours : Anglais
  • Nombre de places disponibles : 60


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CSFCSF22-05-567766,0Matière générale
CSF22-05-567772,0Matière générale (devoir)


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23 mai 2023 09:15 16:15 Classe virtuelle