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PFPI36A Retirement: Better tools for better advice


This is a hybrid training activity comprised of web modules and a live virtual class given by an instructor.

It involves four steps:

Steps Duration Format Prerequisites
A preparatory quiz containing a presentation of the scenario, formative exercises and a quiz. 3 h Asynchronous Must be completed and passed before the virtual class
A web module containing theory, formative exercises and a quiz. 4 h Asynchronous Must be completed and passed before the virtual class
A live virtual class given by two instructors 6 h Synchronous  
A web module that consolidates your learning. It is made up of questions designed to reinforce what you have learned and elicit ideas that will fuel your professional practice, followed by a final quiz. 2 h Asynchronous Must be completed and passed after the virtual class. The module will be available one week after the virtual class. You will receive an email providing the information.


This training activity is for financial planners who want to enhance their knowledge and skills for advising clients on the disbursement of retirement assets and its effect on tax and estate issues. Mario and Maria Sanchez are about to retire. They will have many choices to make about their pension plans, the disbursement order for their savings and their insurance protections. They want to enjoy their retirement, but they also want to make sure they have the means to have an impact on their community.

By the end of this training activity, you will be able to:

  • Better estimate your clients’ cost of living in retirement and the amounts they will have to withdraw.
  • Assess the advisability of purchasing past service.
  • Determine the optimal disbursement order for an employee.
  • Inform your clients about the tax consequences of death for various savings vehicles.
  • Better assess the advantages and disadvantages of various donation and gifting methods.

The information below is for the virtual class. You need to complete also the preparatory work, the web module and the final web module to obtain a total of 15 PDUs.

  • Durée : 6.00 heure(s)
  • UFC : 6.0 PFPI
  • Conférencier(s) : David Truong David Truong , Benoit Chaurette Benoit Chaurette
  • Langue du cours : Anglais
  • Nombre de places disponibles : 17


OrganismeNuméro d'accréditationUnitésSous-domaine
CSFCSF22-02-578606,0Matière générale


Date Heure de début Heure de fin Lieu Salle
25 mai 2023 08:30 15:30 Classe virtuelle