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PFPI33A A New Start in Québec

Description of the case study:

Jade Martinez and Émile Dupont moved to Québec in 2018. They are both French nationals and they were married without a marriage contract. They have twins who just turned 2. As newcomers, they want the help of a financial planner to make the best possible new start in Québec.

Like many immigrants, they are wondering whether their matrimonial regime applies in Québec. Émile came to Québec with an employment contract already in hand, but that is not the case for Jade. She is wondering whether she can have her qualifications as a mechanical engineer recognized here. The couple understands the importance of long-term planning and would like to prepare for a comfortable retirement, without completely closing the door on one day returning to France.

Jade and Émile are part of a growing community of French immigrants in Québec. Thanks to agreements between Canada and France, easier access to the job market and a shared language, this is a phenomenon that is not likely to slow down anytime soon. But Jade and Émile have to deal with tax, financial and legal realities that are sometimes different from the ones in France.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Use the IPFP process to help clients achieve their personal goals.
  • Use key knowledge about legal aspects, finances, protection, retirement and estates related to this case study, such as:
    • Québec’s recognition of matrimonial unions contracted in France
    • The recognition of professional competencies for newcomers to Québec
    • The tax consequences of non-resident status
    • The recognition of Québec protection regimes and protection mandates in France
    • Public retirement benefits for newcomers
    • Estate rules applicable between countries

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You must complete this course by November 30, 2023.

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  • UFC : 15.0 PFPI
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  • Langue du cours : Anglais
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