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PFPI21A Symposium: Helping a Young Professional Make the Right Choices

This course is for financial planners who want to further their knowledge of personal debt management, the purchase of a business in a family situation, risk management and behavioural finance. The setting is a client who belongs to a professional order that permits incorporation.

Course description:
Dr. Sophie Dupuis, an only child, is a dentist, and she practises in the clinic that belongs to her father, Dr. Pierre Dupuis. Unfortunately, Sophie’s financial situation is not very solid. She loves the good things in life and has never deprived herself of anything, to the point that she has accumulated a lot of personal debt.

She just turned 30 and she is wondering whether she is headed in the right direction to achieve her financial goals. One of these is to buy her father’s clinic.

She comes to see you to get answers to her many questions about how to manage her personal finances more soundly. Is it feasible for her to buy the clinic?

By the end of this course, you will:
• Have a better understanding of the long-term consequences of debt on a client’s financial situation
• Have honed your knowledge of behavioural finance
• Know more about the problems related to selling a business within a family
• Have a better grasp of the risk management needs of health care professionals

3 hours of preparatory work and 2 days of 6 hours in class.

  • Durée : 15.0 heure(s)
  • UFC PFPI : 15.0
  • Conférencier(s) : Martin Dupras, Guy Sauvé
  • Langue du cours : Anglais
  • Nombre de places disponibles : 43


Organisme Numéro d'accréditation Unités Sous-domaine
Barreau du Québec 10105964
15.0 Règlement sur la formation continue obligatoire des avocats

CSF16-03-37531 (devoir)

CSF15-07-34226 (salle)
1.0 Assurance de personnes (devoir)
5.0 Assurance de personnes (salle)
1.0 Conformité (devoir)
1.0 Conformité (salle)
1.0 Courtage en épargne collective (devoir)
2.0 Courtage en épargne collective (salle)
4.0 Matière générale (salle)


Date Heure de début Heure de fin Lieu Salle
24 avril 2017 8:30 15:30 Holiday Inn Select, Montréal
25 avril 2017 8:30 15:30 Holiday Inn Select, Montréal
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