Professional Development

The IQPF proposes different learning modes for you to complete your professional development:

In-Class Courses

Courses given in person, with preparatory work to be completed on the web beforehand. These courses are sometimes given as simultaneous webcasts, so with both on-site and remote participants. You can find our in-class courses in the course calendar.


Webcast Courses

Webcast courses are live, remote courses. Some are offered only online (virtual classes) and others are offered in class and online simultaneously (webcast). In both cases, there is usually some preparatory work to be completed on the web beforehand.


Hybrid Courses

Our hybrid courses consist of a virtual class to be taken live on a given date and a web module that you can complete online at your own pace. There is also preparatory work to complete. You can find our hybrid courses in the course calendar.


Online Courses

Our web-based courses are asynchronous, which means that you take them without having to be connected at a specific time. They are given entirely online. You can take your course wherever and whenever you want, at your own pace!


A synchronous training activity is an online training activity that takes place in real time through communication modes that require a simultaneous connection. An asynchronous training activity is a pre-recorded online training activity that does not require a simultaneous connection.



Professional development activities in integrated personal financial planning (IPFP)

- 15 PDUs: $1,360 + taxes
- 8 PDUs: $680 + taxes

Professional development activities in subjects pertaining to compliance with standards, ethics and business conduct related directly to financial planning (SC-FP)

- 5 PDUs: $339 + taxes  
- 1 PDU: $68 + taxes

Course Calendar