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PFPI31A The Sandwich Generation: What’s My Priority?

Case Study Description:

Louise and Jacques have been a de facto couple for over 30 years. They have two adult children who still live at home. Right now, Louise and Jacques are dealing with the physical decline and financial precariousness of Louise’s parents. Since their adult children have not yet left the family home, taking in her ageing parents would require some renovations. Do they really have the means? Could they consider a seniors’ residence? The couple feel they have obligations to their children and their parents, and they want to fulfil them, but without endangering their own plans for retirement. They understand the importance of long-term planning, and above all they want to avoid being a financial burden for their own children!

Louise and Jacques are part of the “sandwich generation,” people who do double-duty taking care of their parents and their own children. It’s not a new phenomenon, but with the ageing of the population, the increase in life expectancy and the fact that we are having children later in life, more and more couples are finding themselves in this situation.

In this training session, you will:

  • Learn to use the IPFP process to accompany clients in the achievement of their personal goals.
  • Acquire key knowledge about legal aspects and estates, finance, investment and insurance and risk management, in relation to this case, such as:
    • Characteristics and criteria to consider in the choice of supporting and lodging ageing parents
    • Life and disability insurance needs
    • Wills, protection mandates and general powers of attorney
    • Protective regimes
    • Advance medical directives, medical aid in dying and the Act respecting end-of-life care
  • Consider certain aspects of behavioural finance, such as:
    • The factors that influence emotions and how this affects judgment

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You must complete this course by November 30, 2021.

  • Duration : 8.00 hour(s)
  • PDU : 8.0 IPFP
  • Speaker :
  • Course Language : English
  • Number of seats available : 9988


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Barreau du Québec7.5Admissibilité confirmée par le B. du Q. aux fins de la formation continue obligatoire, pour une durée de 7,5 heures.
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