My plan: to succeed!

You can count? You want to make a positive difference in people’s financial life? You would like even more success in your career? The IQPF has a good plan for you. Becoming a financial planner is much more than holding a title. It will help you develop your people skills, add competencies in relevant areas of expertise and give you a credibility that will open many doors.

In sum, it will help you help others make the best decisions, at every key stage of their life… and it will multiply your opportunities for a rewarding career!

No matter your academic background, find out how to complete your training to become a financial planner.

Must see: our "À contre-jour" campaign, developped in partnership with URBANIA.

I will be in university soon

  I have a professional title and/or bachelor's degree + work experience in the field
I have a bachelors's degree in a different field and financial work experience   I have completed my financial planning academic training or the equivalent