User's Guide for the title IQPF Fellow

The title IQPF Fellow, created in 2019, acknowledges the exceptional contribution of people who have distinguished themselves in a variety of ways in their careers and contributed to the development and outreach of the profession. As an IQPF Fellow, you can use the title on your business cards, in your email signature, on your promotional materials and in any documentation where your professional signature is required.

Rules for using the IQPF Fellow title

  1. Business card and professional representations*

    Anywhere that the title is used, the correct forms, in French and English, are as follows:

    Fellow de l’IQPF
    IQPF Fellow

    The long forms, “Fellow de l’Institut québécois de planification financière” or “Institut québécois de planification financière Fellow” may be used, orally or in writing, to facilitate understanding.

  2. Capitalization

    An initial capital is recommended, even in French: Fellow de l’IQPF.

  3. Pin

    For design purposes, the graphic representation does not capitalize “fellow,” to differentiate the words and offer a modern, innovative look.


  4. Singular

    The title cannot be used in the plural.

    Proper usage: I was awarded the title of IQPF Fellow.
    Bon usage : Three people were awarded the title of IQPF Fellow this year.
    Improper usage: Four IQPF Fellows attended the congress.

  5. Orally and in writing

    The terms “title” or “distinction” should be used to describe the award.
*"Representations” means any written or verbal expression of your identity or titles.