COVID-19: Message from the IQPF’s CEO

Date : 19 March 2020

In light of current circumstances and the measures put in place by the Québec and Canadian governments to fight COVID-19 (the coronavirus), the IQPF has decided to close our offices since March 16 and until further notice, to protect our employees, our visitors and anyone they may come into contact with. It is everyone’s responsibility to limit the propagation of the virus as much as possible.

Most of our employees are working from home, thanks to our tools and IT systems, which allows us to maintain our services remotely. Our activities and courses have been adjusted to take place remotely. We are proactive and prepared to face this unique situation.

Financial planners have always had a supporting role. One of their greatest responsibilities is to help their clients manage their emotions. With the current situation, more than ever, F.Pl. have to be available, understanding, attentive and proactive. This is how they will contribute to take us through this crisis.

I wish to assure you that the IQPF is monitoring the situation closely and tracking updates from the appropriate health care authorities. We are convinced that it is such strong measures as the ones taken by our governments and the ones we are taking that make all the difference in these exceptional circumstances.

Jocelyne Houle-LeSarge, FCPA, FCGA,
IQPF Fellow, FP Canada Fellow
President & CEO, Secretary